Its almost time for our summer box to ship!  Filled with bright colors and new items, we are so excited for your tween to unwrap their subscription box.  Haven’t ordered one yet?  Click the link at the bottom to our website.  Don’t forget!  You do not need to order a full year subscription - one time boxes are available as well while supplies last.

Summer inspired items

   Looking for some great summer gift ideas?  Here are some fabulous items from our online store. Great to send to camp, for birthdays, or just to have fun around the city this summer:


-Our kids-sized sunglasses offer 100% UV protection while still being cool and trendy.  With 3 different styles to pick from, you are sure to find a pair for your tweens!


-Bendable heatless hair rollers are perfect for home or for camp.  Put them in your hair after a swim for the perfect bouncy beach-day curls, without the damage!

Bright hair accessories are a “must have” for the summer.  Whether its our large neon clips or our bright headbands, nothing makes a better statement this summer than a hair accessory!

Chapped lips can occur from sun exposure.  Our lip balms come in several different flavors, making them an easy choice to hydrate your lips!

And finally, nothing says “summer” quite like Jibbitz!  Available in packs of 4, these are perfect for their crocs, and to trade with friends!


Looking for loot bag items or birthday gifts on a different budget?  Feel free to contact us and we will help curate something to match your needs.


Have a fabulous start to your summer and happy shopping!

                             Joy and Serena

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